VMware Workstation: Common Networking Configurations

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When you choose the standard networking options in the New Virtual Machine wizard or the virtual machine settings editor, the networking configurations are set up for you automatically.

If you select the Typical setup path in the New Virtual Machine wizard, the wizard sets up network address translation (NAT) for the virtual machine. Select the Custom setup path to choose any of the common configurations: bridged networking, NAT, or host‐only networking. The wizard connects the virtual machine to the appropriate virtual network.

You can set up more specialized configurations by choosing the appropriate settings in the virtual machine settings editor, in the virtual network editor (on Windows and Linux hosts), and on your host computer. On all hosts, the software needed for all networking configurations is installed when you install Workstation.

You can connect multiple virtual machines to the same virtual Ethernet switch. On a Windows host, you can connect an unlimited number of virtual network devices to a virtual switch. On a Linux host, you can connect up to 32 devices.

If you have set your virtual network settings on a previous version of Workstation and upgrade to a new version, your previous network settings might be fully or partially preserved.

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