VMware Workstation: Network Address Translation (NAT)

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Network Address Translation (NAT)

NAT configures a virtual machine to share the IP and MAC addresses of the host. The virtual machine and the host share a single network identity that is not visible outside the network. NAT can be useful when your network administrator lets you use a single IP address or MAC address. If cannot give your virtual machine an IP address on the external network, you can use NAT to give your virtual machine access to the Internet or another TCP/IP network. NAT uses the host computer’s network connection. NAT works with Ethernet, DSL, and phone modems.

NAT Setup

NAT Setup

If you select NAT, the virtual machine can use many standard TCP/IP protocols to connect to other machines on the external network. For example, you can use HTTP to browse Web sites, FTP to transfer files, and Telnet to log on to other computers. NAT also lets you to connect to a TCP/IP network by using a Token Ring adapter on the host computer.

In the default configuration, computers on the external network cannot initiate connections to the virtual machine. That means, for example, that the default configuration does not let you use the virtual machine as a Web server to send Web pages to computers on the external network. This configuration protects the guest operating system from being compromised before you have a chance to install security software.

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